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Faculty Strategic Partnership Funding

The provost, and associate provost and dean of International Studies and Programs (ISP) have made funding available to develop international strategic partnerships with universities and institutions of higher education and research abroad.

Vietnam 2 (2) Pueppke.jpgConference participants learn about research on cassava fertilization near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The conference was co-organized by members of a CASID International Strategic Partnership funded-team of researchers. 

Eligible partnerships focus on themes in which MSU faculty from multiple disciplines and fields of study are engaged. These partnerships may include collaborative research, exchange of faculty and students, co-developed curriculum, co-sponsored dual degree or sandwich programs, and other forms of cooperation that build and strengthen the institutional partnership.

Collaborative research is essential to these partnerships. Faculty who participate are asked to build broad and deep multidisciplinary cooperation with the partner institutions that result in grant proposal development and submission. Grant development can be facilitated by the CASID staff in collaboration with involved units.

International Strategic Partnership funds can be used to provide partial support for travel costs to develop relationships, both for MSU faculty and their partners coming from abroad. The MSU applicant faculty member’s college, department, and other institutes will be expected to share the costs of this travel to ensure that the commitment to long-term partnering is shared by departments and colleges.


Submitting a Proposal

Submit proposals to Robert Glew at glew(at) . Proposals (maximum of five pages) should include:

  1. A narrative that addresses the following questions:
    • What activities are proposed for this travel?
    • What results are expected from these activities and this travel?
    • What are the long-term goals of this partnership and who will be involved?
    • How has this institution been chosen as a strategic MSU partner abroad?
    • Who are the MSU faculty involved in the project and from which disciplines/fields of study?
    • With which departments and/or colleges at the host university will you collaborate?
    • If project participants previously have engaged in collaborative work with colleagues there, what was the nature and duration of that collaboration?
  2. A written endorsement from the applicant’s dean(s) or department chair(s) committing to a minimum of 20 percent matching funds.
  3. A proposed budget.


Evaluating Proposals

The provost, associate provost, and dean of ISP will be evaluating this funding initiative for long-term outcomes. The criteria that will be used to evaluate the outcomes include:

  • Quality and number of collaborative research grant applications submitted and awarded
  • Collaborative research publications completed
  • Faculty exchanged, through post-doctoral and visiting scholar appointments, and
  • Curricular innovations (collaborative courses, dual certificate or degree programs, sandwich degrees, study abroad, and internship programs, etc.).

In order for CASID to continue to offer this funding, it is very important for recipients to report this information to CASID in a timely manner.

For questions about the application process, contact Robert Glew at glew(at)

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