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Core Faculty

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Farha Abbasi College: Osteopathic Medicine
Department: Psychiatry Osteopathic Medicine
Focus Country: Middle

Nwando Achebe College: Social Science
Department: History
Focus Country: Nigeria

Adesoji Adelaja College: Social Science / Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department: Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics
Focus Country: Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire

Dalen Agnew College: Veterinary Medicine
Department: Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation
Focus Country: Africa

Christian Ahlin College: Social Science
Department: Economics
Focus Country: Thailand

Daniel Ahlquist College: James Madison
Department: James Madison
Focus Country: South Asia

Peter Alegi College: Social Science
Department: History
Focus Country: South Africa

Andrea Allen College: Social Science
Department: CASID
Focus Country: Bolivia, Botswana, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Moldova, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania

Jeffrey Andresen College: Social Science
Department: Geography
Focus Country: General

James Anthony College: Human Medicine
Department: Epidemiology
Focus Country: Latin

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