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Core Faculty

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Peter Beattie College: Social Science
Department: History
Focus Country: Brazil, Argentina

John Beck College: Social Science
Department: School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Focus Country: South Africa

DeAndrea Beck College: ISP Dean
Department: ISP Dean Office
Focus Country: Ghana, Armenia, Mongolia

Galia Benitez College: James Madison
Department: James Madison
Focus Country: Latin

Marc Bernstein College: Arts and Letters
Department: Linguuistics and Germanic Salvic
Focus Country:

Adrian Blow College: Social Science
Department: Human Development & Family Studies
Focus Country: South Africa

Ana Maria Bodea College: Social Science
Department: Political Science
Focus Country: Romania, Hungary, Poland

Michael Boivin College: Osteopathic Medicine
Department: Psychiatry and Neurology and Osteopathic Medicine
Focus Country: Africa

Duncan Boughton College: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department: Agricultural Food and Resource
Focus Country: Africa

Leslie Bourquin College: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Department: Food Science and Human Nutrition
Focus Country: France, India, Thailand, China, Bulgaria, Romania

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